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Mobile Application Technologies is not something that is excusive for the select few organizations or people who are a ‘bit more equal'. Mobile application technologies are the fastest emerging technologies soon to become the necessity. Organizations, and individuals who till now were entangled in and operating in the traditional manner and utilizing what they thought were the latest in technology are very soon going to get a shock of their lives.
The present day work environment is no more operating out of a single central point. Rather it's a one that is highly decentralized and sweepingly mobile. You need to get the fastest transmission of knowledge and data and thus it is imperative to hop onto the bandwagon of mobile application technology. The sooner you do it the better for you.
Its, time for action! Get yourself engaged in redesigning your methodologies, redesigning your whole gamut of operations. You want to be at the vanguard, don't you? But of course you have your queries, like:
Why so much of brouhaha about Mobile application technology?
Well, the scientists, researchers and scholars are not going to stop doing what they are good at-bombard us with the latest and the newest technologies. Technologies that are incredible and mind blowing yet only the next rung of the ladder that is only revealing what it wants us to see. Mobile application technology has already begun to carve a niche for itself, the other factors like breakthroughs in user ideas and experiences is only going to be more demanding. Well, the result- An explosive entry into an era that would change the very basis of the way we work, we entertain, our consumptions, our businesses and most importantly our social behavior.
If you are still in a quandary, then read further.
The new mobile application technologies shifting the goalposts and raising the bar but yet to be unleashed are:
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
This technology is going to be the backbone technology enabling mobile e-business, and mobile payment.
Action Awareness
An action recognition technology responding to the body movements of the user through pre-set technological operations. Enhance the user experience by catching movements like finger clicking, head shaking, and arm circling and many others.
Multi-Touch Technology
As opposed to the single touch technology, this new dimension would provide the user to carry out simultaneous operations with multiple fingers, and even with multiple users.
Mobile Browser
Browsing on the mobile has to be the same if not better as compared to the desktop PCs. The merging of internet with the mobile is not an easy job. Apple knew it, they came up with Safari browser, and Microsoft knew it and the result was Deep fish.
Finger Print Identification
This mobile application technology mitigates concerns like security, privacy, and confirmed identity.
With so much more to learn and so much to absorb, do you still want to navigate away. Believe me No! Delve further. Know more about how you can be a part of this revolution. Know the people who would help you in reaping the benefits of this latest innovation and how they would go about doing it.
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